11 April 2022

Award for International Scientific Works

The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb, made a decision to award the prize for works of high international visibility published in 2020. Two of my original scientific papers published by internationally prominent publishers were awarded.

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26 March 2022

Faith in God – Does it Unite or Divide?

At the symposium "Faith in God – Does it Unite or Divide?", held at the European Academy in Banja Luka on March 25 and 26, 2022, I held a presentation entitled "Faith unites in work and prayer". This is the first scientific conference organised by the Department of Humanities and Culture of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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15 March 2022

Bosnia and Herzegovina – our Homeland

At the Napredak Cultural Centre in Zagreb, Franjo Topic's book Bosnia and Herzegovina Our Homeland was presented on 15 March 2022. With the participation of the author, I spoke about the book together with presenters Prof Slavko Slišković and ef. Aziz Hasanović. The presentation was moderated by the President of the Croatian Cultural Society Napredak branch in Zagreb, Prof Dražen Vikić-Topić.

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14 January 2022

Writer Starčević

As a guest on the show "Encounter in the Word" on Laudato TV, I talked to the host, Dr. Đuro Vidmarović, about the literary work of Ante Starčević.

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14 December 2021

European Star of Peace in Banja Luka

On the 26th anniversary of the signing of the Peace Agreement on Bosnia and Herzegovina in Paris, a round table "European Star of Peace in Banja Luka – 26 years after the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement Paris was held in the organisation of the European Centre for Peace and Cooperation "Maria the Star" and the International Pan-European Union.

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